Sell your campervan or motorhome

Selling your campervan or motorhome with webuyanyvan is simple and hassle-free!

To get a quote, simply take the vehicle to any of our 500+ branches. Enter your postcode below to find your nearest branch.

Don’t forget to check the opening hours and contact details before travelling. We also recommend phoning ahead to ensure availability.

Once you bring your van or motorhome to our local branch, we can arrange an appraisal with one of our experienced buyers. After our experts have completed the appraisal, we will email you a price for your campervan or motorhome.

Why should I sell my motorhome with webuyanyvan?

Advertising and selling your motorhome can be a long and difficult process. Here at webuyanyvan, we aim to take all the hassle away.

Just drive your vehicle to any of our branches and we will take care of all the rest. After inspecting your vehicle, our buyers will offer you a fair, transparent price based on its overall condition and current market value.

Providing you are happy with the price offered, you can receive payment within 15 minutes with our Immediate Payment service (additional fees apply).

Why choose

  • Sell your campervan the easy way


    Want to sell your campervan quickly and easily? We are here for you. From arranging a valuation to signing the paperwork, our process is easy and straightforward.
  • Value my campervan – free of charge!


    Our knowledgeable buyers can provide a fair valuation for your campervan at any of our branches. This service is completely free and there’s no obligation to sell.
  • Fast, secure payment


    If you are happy with the price we offer, you can have the money in your bank account within 15 minutes with our Immediate Payment service (fees apply).
  • 500+ UK branches


    With more than 500 branches UK-wide, the average journey time to your nearest location is just 13 minutes!
  • Simpler than selling privately


    Many of our customers had found that attempting to sell their campervan privately was more complicated than they imagined. At webuyanyvan, we like to keep things simple. We evaluate your van and buy it from you at a fair price. No tyres kickers, no advertising fees, no worries!

Why should I sell my motorhome with webuyanyvan?

There’s always a degree of uncertainty when it comes to selling your motorhome on the private market. Viewers may try to haggle further discounts, delay their purchase – or drop out altogether.

At webuyanyvan, we’re all about making life easier. When you take your motorhome to your local branch, our buyers will thoroughly inspect the vehicle. Then, we’ll offer you a fair, no-obligation price based on current market data, the vehicle’s amenities and its overall condition.

Having an accurate price for your motorhome allows you to plan financially with greater certainty. And, if you choose to accept, you can have the money in your bank account on the same day (additional fees apply).