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Valuing Your Van Has Never Been So Easy!

Getting a quick and fair van valuation has never been easier, with webuyanyvan, you can get a price for your vehicle based on the van’s condition that you know is fair. And with our no-hassle van buying process, you can sell the vehicle quickly and without fuss.

We offer those looking to value their van a quick and simple service from start to finish, from our free van valuation tool above to the completed purchase and transfer of the funds.

You can get started today by entering your reg number in the box above for a quick van valuation. We need a few extra details such as mileage and the number of previous owners on the next page, and then you’ll be shown the valuation we give for your van, simple!

From there you can go on to book an appointment with one of our friendly experts at one of 500+ nationwide branches; that means you won’t have far to travel with your van! At your appointment, our expert will explain the process to you, and then go outside to give the van a check over. Once that’s done with the expert will go over the paperwork with you, and then you can choose to sell your van right then and there if you want to.

For those who are looking to receive the money for their van quickly, we also offer a convenient Immediate Payment service, allowing customers to receive the funds in their bank account after just 15 minutes of the transaction being complete.

If you’re looking for a quick and free van valuation, you can get started here by entering your reg number in the box above.

How do you value my van?

  • Registration Number

    The process begins when you enter your van’s registration number, and we calculate a rough value estimate before we begin to refine the price as you enter more details. Once we have a better idea of what condition the van is in, the van valuation we give will become more accurate.

  • Van Details

    By entering just a few simple details about the current condition of the van such as any damage, mileage, details on service history and previous owners, we can refine the van valuation to present you with a much more accurate quote. Don’t worry, this step takes less than 60 seconds in most cases.

  • Market Data

    We then apply current market statistics and data to the valuation, taking into consideration current demand, seasonality and market value. This makes our online van valuation perfect for visitors wondering “how much is my van worth?” Simply enter your reg number to find out!

  • Review Your Van’s Value

    Once we’ve gathered the information and applied the market data listed above, you will then receive your online van valuation. The whole process can take as little as 60 seconds, and once you receive your quote the next step is just as simple. You can book an appointment at one of 500+ UK branches and come to meet one of our friendly van buying experts at a time and place that’s convenient for you. If you’re happy to proceed, you can sell your van then and there!

Frequently asked questions


What information do I need to value my van online?

Getting your free online van valuation couldn’t be easier, just make sure you have the below simple details to-hand before starting the process:

- Your van’s reg number
- Current mileage of the van
- Number of previous owners
- Level of service history (e.g. full, partial, none)
- Your full name
- Email address
- Home postcode (so we can suggest your nearest branch)
- Telephone number.


How long does my quote last after I value my van?

Your van valuation is valid for 4 days after your initial quote. That means that the price we give you during your online valuation will be the price you get at your appointment, providing the vehicle is in the same condition you stated it was in during your valuation, and your appointment is within 4 days of the initial quote.


What documents should I take to my appointment?

Once you’ve booked an appointment at your local webuyanyvan branch, it’s a good idea to gather your documents beforehand. Here’s what you’ll need to complete the sale:

- The van (sounds obvious, but you’ll need to be able to get the van to your local branch to sell it)
- V5 Logbook / reg certificate
- All available service history and MOT certificates
- Both sets of keys if available
- Your Bank details
- Finance settlement letter (if applicable)
- Any required extras such as the locking wheel nut, radio security codes etc.

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